This Practicum Report would have not been completed without the full support and helping from many significant people whom this writer would like to articulate his genuine thanks and profound gratitude:

First of all, I, Em Sophors, would like to express my special thanks to all my group Practicum Report such as: Mr.Leng Chamnan, Mr. Em Song, Mr. Chan Amara, Mr. Kao Kimsreng, and Mr. Chean Dara. Without their helping and cooperating, this practicum report would have not completed. And I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my parents, brother who tried their best to support and encouraged me to pursue my Bachelor Degree of English at Asia Euro University. Second, I would like to express my profound thanks to Lecturer. Lim Pak, my practicum supervisor, for his fruitful patience and generous time spent in observation us to undertake this practicum. His experiences, knowledge, and expertise coupled with his patience, and kind-heart as a mentor and facilitator brought fulfillment of this academic requirement. Third, I would like to express my profound thanks to the Rector of Asia Euro University (AEU) who provides us the worthwhile opportunities to do the practicum for eight weeks at Asia Euro University in order to practice our teaching. After graduating and completing the practicum, we see ourselves that we have had some negative, positive and experience in learning and real teaching. Since we started the practicum until the end of practicum, we noticed some points about our teaching. The Practicum Report contains of many things which include the school’s background, what we did during practicum days, our methodologies to teach, teaching plan, and especially how to deal with the real situations and real practices.

Of course, this practicum report needs to be corrected because we do not know where the strength and weakness of us are. And we do not know how much we understand from our learning, so to be clear, we still continue to practice more in our subject. This practicum report would become an asset in helping the next batch students in completing their practicum. We remember what we did during practicum period and used it to be improved not only in teaching, but also in sharing everyone experiences as well.

Finally, we would like to express our gratefulness to our parents who give us both financial and emotional support since we were born until we finished this Bachelor program. At the end, we wish to thank the rector, supervisor and all working staff, and especially our year IV students at Asia Euro University for their attention and cooperation during our practicum period.

Education is the process by which people acquire knowledge, skills, habits, values, or attitudes, and all countries around the world need education in order to build their countries. It has become one of the most interesting fields among every country in the world. In order to develop their countries, gain new technologies in the modern world and become the most powerful country, they have to educate their citizens to be full of knowledge that actually come through education.
With the world’s economic globalization, English plays more and more important role in today’s society. Learning English has become essential for the social and economic development of many societies. And many people speak English as their second language, and also books, documents, and other materials are written in English as well. English plays the most significant role in communication, jobs and other challenging.
Cambodia, seeing these crucial aspects, the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports (MoEys) has incorporated English in the study curriculum of the state schools. While English is in the urgent demand, lots of institutions have been established to fulfill that need.
With the growing popularity of English and qualified human resources to teach, English is needed. Bachelor of Education in English program (B.Ed) aims to equip trainee teachers with both theories knowledge and practical experiences of teaching English. Being year four students in this program and prospective to be a teacher of English, we were provided with worthwhile opportunity to conduct a practicum and put our theoretical knowledge of English into practice, and develop, expand our teaching expertise and confidences.
To reflect these benefits, challenges and experiences of our practicum at Asia Euro University, this practicum report is written with our collective effort and time. Through this piece of writing, we would like to share our experiences among our group with other trainees and with all AEU students for next generation if it is possible. Besides, this practicum report would help and guide next generation for the negative and positive points, and for the negative points, please give them up and improve it. Also, for the positive points, readers keep it and research it more and more in order to make our teaching better and better for the future.
II. Body
A. School Background
AEU was first established as Asia Euro Institute Organization. Under the name of this
Organization, it provided only four to six months training course and one year training programs to students. In cooperating with government to develop human resources AEIO was upgraded to Asia Euro Institute (AEI), on 26 December, 2002 with recognizing by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports. Then AEI upgraded its program and offered Associate Degree in different majors. To fill students’ demands, AEI again enhanced the programs to Bachelor Degree which was recognized by under sub-decree No39. As a result of the rapid increase in education quality and AEI students’ numbers, the Royal Government of Cambodia has approved the change of AEI to Asia Euro University (AEU) under sub-decree No.35, date 19 January 2005.
AEU provided Associate Degree Programs, Bachelor Degree Programs, Master Programs as well as Ph.D Programs with majoring in Accounting, Finance and Banking, Marketing, Business, Management, English Literature, Law, Political Science, Hotel and Tourism and Computer Science. Furthermore, Master Program and Ph.D programs are conducted in English with qualified professor from oversea as well as from Cambodia.
AEU has three main locations in Phnom Penh and each building is very large with modern equipment rooms. There is a big space for all kinds of activities. Classrooms are supplied with video, LCD and overhead projector. Moreover, each building has very comfortable library with thousands of books and documents and especially it connects to the world via wireless internet service free of charge. The three locations of AEU are:

AEU1: # 653, Kampuchea Krom BLvd., Sangkat Toek Laork I, Khan Tuol Kork, Phnom Penh,Cambodia.
AEU2: #832ABCD, Kampuchea Krom Blvd., Sangkat Toek LaorkI, Khan Tuol Kork, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
AEU3: #162ABC, Street 143., Sangkat Beong Keng Kang III, Khan Chamkar Morn, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

B. Lesson Plan and Materials
Lesson Plan plays a very significant role in our teaching practicum. Without it, we have lost some points in our teaching because it was as a guide that tells us what to do, where to teach, what to say during our teaching time.
Usually real situations are different from what we have already planned. For example we normally plan 45 minutes for our teaching and we determine critically how much time we will spend on each stage, but occasionally the weather or traffic is not good as what we expect, and especially nowadays there are many traffic jams in our country in very place around Phnom Penh. Besides, the traffic occurs in the morning and evening. So for the students who study in the morning and evening face the traffic jam every day. Sometimes they are late for ten or fifteen minutes for the first session, so in order to complete our planning, we have to use new techniques, or we have to cut off some unimportant points, but we still follow accordingly to our lesson plan. When we do like this, we see that we are not in the confusion situation.
Materials also serve as the heart of our teaching process and the main materials used in our group teaching was New Headway Intermediate (third edition) which provided us a lot of features to challenge adults and young adult students. Moreover, it provides authentic reading texts, listening passages and real life situation of English using, and it is very useful.
Although it was already well-designed, we still provide some extra materials in order to make our teaching process more efficiency. Those materials such as, grammar points from other books, short conversation, new vocabularies, special expressions, pictures, or other related resources which we retrieved from internet. I think that in order to catch students interest, we are teacher have to find something new and useful for students because those would make students interesting.
C. Methodologies/Approaches
Approaches and Methodologies play a major role in teaching language because they direct us what to do and how to do it. According to our teaching practicum, Communicative approach was employed, which allowed much communication as possible among students. Although all trainees wanted to achieve their success on the same goal, actually they used varieties of methods depending upon their abilities and flexibilities of their own individual talents.
Communication refers to the exchange and negotiation between at least two people through the use of verbal or nonverbal, oral, written or visual modes. We used most of the principles including the use of authentic materials, allowing students to figure out speakers or writers intentions, imposing information gap and choices, using English for classroom communication, giving students’ chances to express their ideas and opinions, teacher acting as a facilitator in setting up groups or pair works discussion.
D. Classroom management
When we talk about Classroom Management, we have to think about sight, sound, seat arrangement, uses of whiteboard, equipments, routine activities and other disciplines.
Trainees in my group have successfully achieved these points because most of students sat in properly places under the preparation of previous trainee that is why they can hear and see what teacher say and write down on the whiteboard clearly. Amazingly, we taught peer teaching, and it means we teach our class, so they know what they should do and should not do because they are year IV. We do not concern much of the seat problem.
To control students in class is not easy thing, so we teachers must have good classroom management in our teaching. Otherwise, our teaching cannot go smoothly. In order to have effective classroom management, we have to use suitable and comfortable room for students to learn, and also the number of students because it makes students easy to hear teacher speech and also easy for teacher to walk around while giving instruction, monitoring, helping and explaining to individual student doubt.
Although a few students seemed not to involve in our lesson points and activities because they focused on something outside the lesson, it does not matter because we have made them turn their interest into our teaching points by asking them where we were in the lesson now and if they cannot answer, we manage to tell them or let other students to help them and give them opportunities to do another activity in our lesson immediately. Luckily we practice practicum like peer teaching, so the students that we teach are year IV students. Therefore, we are easy to manage the classroom. Since we started the teaching practicum, we notice that most of students that we taught kept silent, and they all paid attention to our teaching, so the classroom management was ok.
E. Difficulties and Solutions
Besides the overall success and experience, we have gained, and faced a few problems that caused some negative points on our teaching.
 The Punctuality of Students
Because the practicum took place in private university and evening class; therefore, the most concerning problem was students came to class late, and some of them did not pay attention to our teaching because they were busy to write down their observation record. Almost every day most of them were late 15 minutes, and especially for every first session. It was completely different from what we have planned, so in order to deal with these problems, our trainees decided to spend the first ten minutes to warm up students by playing small game or reviewing something they have learnt from previous lesson. Although only a few students who came on time to join this game, they were very active and the class was not a quiet place while other students were late. Amazingly sometimes supervisor and teacher trainee were waiting for students to come to learn until ten or fifteen minutes.
 The Silence and Encouragement
Our new teaching methods or techniques seemed to be strange for students. When we gave instruction, they did not pay attentions to our teaching any more. They just wrote the observation record, and sometimes they could not understand what they would do. Instead of asking teacher, they asked the classmates who sat next to them. And especially when we asked them what they would do, they kept silent. Actually we wanted them to be brave, and cooperate with our teaching; also, we wanted them to be brave to ask questions, so they would be familiar with speaking and becoming fluently in practicing speaking. To cope with this problem, our trainee group had encouraged them again to ask us any questions whenever they did not understand or could not translate or having any doubts. Well, with positive impact when most students felt familiar and felt no more reluctance or hesitation or afraid of us in asking questions or expressing their ideas or opinion in our explanation.
Even though we encountered some problems that sometimes our group members felt really boring and depress. With the helps and encouragement from our students in class A400, supervisor and other school materials, we have overcome and solved those problems successfully and these become a good lesson. This practicum was really meaningful for all year-four-students because without it how we can know the way to handle with difficult situations, time management, lesson plan, methodologies in introducing new language. Experience cannot be bought unless you practice doing it. Therefore, we must keep all these experiences from our practicum period in our mind and we will use it for paving our ways as a good teacher of English in the future.

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