Microsoft Access

Express Invoice

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012 – 02:57
Microsoft Access
user name:admin
plz check my project and give comments.
am Bangladeshi user
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Pen Order

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Friday, April 20, 2012 – 18:15
This app is just a pen order. You can enter the amount of pen boughts and it will give you the total.
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Hotel Reservation System in MS Access

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Saturday, April 2, 2011 – 20:09

This System is created based on the Hotel Reservation System of Mr. Jomar Pabuaya a.k.a Admin here in Sourcecodester… by the way… I uploaded there the application with the undone source code, its because you are demanding it to upload the code and eager to see the source code..then you can download it now…and its also due to the request of the ADMIN itself… and if you want to improve it feel free to improve… just upload here your own version and style for this system and don’t forget to give credits to the one who originally created and conceptualized this HRS..
Thanks again..
I’ll upload later the updated complete and finished program.. Just PLEASE be patient…

A Big thanks to Mr. Jomar Pabuaya and to his programmer friends

Hotel Reservation System in MS Access ver. 1.0.3 (updated April 18, 2011)

System features:
* using ADODB in connection….
* Listview with icons…
*Main Form with a child form
* codes are closely similar to VB6
* can Add, Modify and Delete record from Listview…

* some of the application forms has no functions and procedures and unable to save to recordset.

Just wait for the next update…. HRS ver. 1.0.4

Download Code:

MS Access 2010/2007 database to manage SQL Server scripts

Submitted by:
Friday, March 25, 2011 – 03:14

This application allows the user to manage SQL Server scripts. It also allows the user to place SQL Server .SQL scripts in a “Run Once” Windows folder or in a general “Run Whenever” Windows folder.

The scripts can be prioritized so they run in a specific order, if necessary.

The program works with Windows Logon as well as SQL Server Logon.

The code was written using MS Access 2010 but I tested it using MS Access 2007 and it seems to work as well. I did not do an exhausting test in MS Access 2007.

There is another program called TextMaker Viewer 2010 that should be installed. It allows the user to view the Log Files from the program. The log files are created in Windows Folders. You can get it at This is a FREE program.

Uncheck ALL associations so this program does not become the main program to view them unless you want it to be.

I would have included it in the zip file but then the file would exceed the 2 MB limit.

There is a user document file included in the zip file.

Download Code:

Revised Create Report Criteria on the fly Version v_01_01

Submitted by:
Monday, December 20, 2010 – 22:38

The reason for the revision is that this was part of a larger project and had code not needed for this project.

Also, there was a glaring error that I found and fixed where I was putting records into the wrong table.

This did not cause any problems but would be confusing to someone looking at the code.

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Simple Login using MS Access 2007

Submitted by:
Saturday, November 20, 2010 – 15:32


I’m sharing this simple Login Form which I created using MS Access. I hope this will help Access newbies to become more comfortable with the program. I’m sure there are a number of ways to do this (perhaps much better than this) but I did what I could to make this simple and straight-forward.

I. Access Objects in this application:

A. Table:
1. tblUsers – table for application users

B. Forms:
1. frmLogin – start-up form
**User Name – Erick, Password – erick
**User Name – Billy , Password – billy

2. frmMenu – opens when user supplies correct user and password at Login form

C. Module
1. GVar – here is where I declared my Global variables ‘strUser’ and ‘strRole’

II. Feature

Prompts if the User combobox and/or Password text box has no entry
Prompts if the user types another name which isn’t included in the list
Program closes when the user enters 3 consecutive wrong password
Login Form closes when correct password is supplied, greets the user, and opens the frmMenu.
Sets the value of strUser and strRole global variables which shall be used throughout user session.

User name and role is displayed
Command button is enabled or disabled based on the value of strRole (enabled for ‘Admin’ and disabled for ‘Encoder’

III. Tips for newbies
Learn and be more comfortable using the If… Then… Else  Statement
Learn how to declare variables and variable scoping (Private, Public, Global)
Dlookup function parameters and syntax

IV. Gotcha Moment
Docmd.Close in frmLogin prompts and runtime error 2585 so be sure to include the On Error Handler line

Hope this helps…

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Student Information System

Submitted by:
Sunday, November 8, 2009 – 07:58
Hi there I would like to thank all for always visiting the site. About this code I called in Student Information System which I wrote using MS Access I not yet expert in MS Access Database development but Im still learning. The Password of this application is : iveymae
If you find my work useful send me an email at
Download Code:

Chemical Database Management System

Please click here to download:

SME Management System

Download Code:

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